About Electrical Services

About Electrical Services

Electrical Service Rates


It is the goal of Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services (FMCS) to provide electrical service to our members at a competitive rate. As a member of a cooperative, profits are distributed to you as capital credits. We are responsive to your needs because, as a cooperative, we are owned by the members we serve.

Our electric service rates, listed below, are very competitive with area electric utilities. In addition, FMCS has the ability to create a customized rate schedule for certain businesses, which will meet the business' load characteristics [i.e. service entrance size, projected energy (kWh) consumption, project demand (kW)]. FMCS will design an electrical rate to fit your business needs. A long-term service agreement will be structured to assure your company of quality service and economical price.


Click on the class below to view the rate policy. Rates are effective as of August 28, 2012.


Class Service Charge Energy Charge
Farm & Residential $35.00/month $.1190/kWh (June-August) 
$.1040/kWh (September-May)
Three Phase (small) $70.00/month $.1190/kWh (June-August) 
$.1040/kWh (September-May)
Three Phase (large) $95.00/month $.0572/kWh plus demand of
$11.00/kW(June-Aug) or $9.00/kW(September-May) 
Irrigation $875.00/year $.0945/kWh plus demand of
$6.00/kW and summer peak demand of $63.80/kW and winter peak demand of $29.00



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