New Construction

If you're planning for a new single-phase electric service, or a new three-phase service for corn drying or another application, it's time to give us a call at (800) 734-6421 or (507) 373-6421.

You will need to contact our staking technician or fill out the form below with information regarding the proposed location of your metering and the requested date for the new service. Wiring behind the metering point must be completed by the consumer or the electrical contractor of their choice before construction begins.

When everything is in place, the work order is put on our construction schedule. The actual completion time varies depending on such factors as current work load, complexity of the service installation, and weather related conditions.

While we do our best to accommodate your construction schedule, adequate lead time is necessary for us to obtain the needed equipment. This is especially important in regard to three-phase service requests. The sooner you can let us know your project requirements, the better able we will be able to meet your service request.

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