Board of Directors & Management

Board of Directors & Management

The Freeborn-Mower service territory is divided into nine districts, each with a similar number of members.  Directors serve a rotating, three-year term and must live in the district which they represent.

Board meetings are held monthly, typically towards the end of the month.  Refer to our monthly newsletter for the dates of the meetings or contact our office. 


  Jim Krueger 
President & CEO 
District #1
Dennis Anderson 

District #2

District #3
Steve Garbisch

District #4

District #5

District #6

District #7

District #8


District #9




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Board Districts Live Map


Board District Map

Director Elections

Elections are held in three different districts each year. If you are a member of Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services who lives in one of the districts up for election and would like to run for director, please contact our office for an information packet.  

2020 Director Elections 

  • District #3  
  • District #6 
  • District #9

Board members must attend monthly board meetings and other special meetings as they are called.  They are responsible for adoption of policies, to assure democratic functioning of the cooperative in accordance with the Bylaws and respect confidentiality of information provided among many other duties. 

Reminder: Any member meeting the Bylaw Qualifications who has a desire to become a Director of the Cooperative may apply for open board positions. This includes minorities, women, and individuals with a disability.

Recordatorio: Cualquier miembro que cumpla con los requisitos de los reglamentos internos y que tenga interes en ser director/a de la cooperative puede aplicar para puestos vacantes en la mesa directiva. Esto inlcluye miembros de grupos que son minorias, mujeres, y personas con discapacidades.

Applications will be due at the FMCS office by 3:30 p.m. on _________ (TBA). After applications have been returned, members in each District holding an election will be notified of those who have filed as nominees.

  • After the filing application time has expired, persons may still be nominated by filing a petition form (available from our office).  To become a nominee by petition requires fifteen (15) members from the District to sign in support of a particular nominee on the form which is submitted to the cooperative office.  Should only one nominee come forward before the final deadline, that applicant will be deemed elected as Director for that District.
  • Should more than one nominee come forth by the petition deadline, either by direct nomination or petition, a biography of each nominee and a mail ballot will be sent to all members in the District on _____________ (TBA).  Returned ballots will be due on ___________ (TBA).

The elected Directors will be seated during the annual meeting on Saturday, April 4, 2020. 

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