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Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services (FMCS) serves just over 18,000 members in Freeborn and Mower County. The success of the Operation Round-Up® Program presents FMCS with opportunities to give back to our community through charitable donations.  All of the of money collected, is available and donated through an application process, to local non-profit organizations in our community.

Our Operation Round-Up® Program is an opt-out program.  This means members' electric bills are automatically rounded up to the next nearest whole dollar amount, unless you opt-out.  The monthly contribution could be as little as a penny, but never more than ninety-nine cents.  The average donation amount per member is typically $6.00 per year. Contributions to Operation Round-Up® are tax-deductible and are printed on your electric bill each month with the total contribution amount listed on your December electric bill.  

If you wish to opt-out of this program, please contact us or complete the opt-out form below.  You may also print the form and return to our office. 

Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services (FMCS) began Operation Round-Up® program in 2003. Currently, its just over 15,000 participating members collectively contribute to the program by rounding up their monthly electric bills to the next whole dollar amount. Since its inception, the program has granted over $400,000 in assistance to non-profit & charitable organizations in the FMCS surrounding areas.

Eligibility & Requirements:  

  • Application requests must be for charitable, educational or non-profit organizations only.
  • Non-profit organizations that serve communities located within Freeborn & Mower Counties. (FMCS territory)
  • One application per project or event accepted each year.
  • Charitable status or 501 (c) (#) organizations.
  • Application must be received or post-marked by the deadline date and be for a project or event in the future (will not grant projects in the past).
  • If funds are requested to purchase a new item or for a repair, please include three (2) bids for the item or work.  At least one bid should be from a vendor or supplier within the FMCS territory if possible.
  • Documentation of purchase or verification of receipt of the grant dollars after grant is received.  

  • Application & Guidelines                      Online Application

Operation Round-Up® information is also available at our office: 2501 East Main Street, Albert Lea, MN.  

Board of Trustees

The Operation Round Up® Program is managed by a five member volunteer board, called the Board of Trustees. The current members are:  

  • Darrell Ingvaldson, Brownsdale
  • Brenda Wichmann, Alden
  • Sandy Fortsner, Austin
  • Rhonda Allison, Glenville
  • Joni Osmundson, Adams

Inquiries should be directed to Dawn Schroeder at 507-379-8841 or by by email 

Operation Round Up Opt-Out Form

  • id
  • date time
  • I wish to decline participation in the Operation Round Up® program administered
    by Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services. DO NOT round up the bill for the account
    number(s) listed below.
  • calendar
  • Members having more than one electric service with FMCS must furnish an account
    number for each service under which they decline participation in Operation Round Up®
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